Li-Ning New Arrivals

Li-Ning, a major player in China's athletic and leisure wear industry, was founded by Olympic gymnast Li Ning in 1990. The brand's early popularity was fueled by Li Ning's reputation as a national sports hero, and the company capitalized on the growing trend of health and fitness in China to establish itself as a household name. Known for its wide range of athletic wear and equipment, Li-Ning's standout products include their line of innovative running shoes and premium basketball sneakers, which merge traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern design. The brand is unique for its blend of Chinese culture and international fashion trends, exemplified in collaborations with brands like Dwyane Wade's "Way of Wade" series and the avant-garde designs in partnership with designer Chen Peng. Li-Ning continues to make waves on a global scale, positioning Chinese sportswear on the international fashion map.
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