Carhartt WIP

Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) was started in 1994, when Swiss entrepreneur Edwin Faeh obtained the rights to create a European distribution network for the iconic American workwear brand Carhartt, which was originally established in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt. Carhartt WIP emerged as the streetwear-influenced offshoot of the original brand, adapting classic Carhartt designs for a more contemporary, urban audience. Known for its rugged, durable clothing and utilitarian aesthetic, popular products include the Chore Coat, Detroit Jacket, and Cargo Pants. Carhartt WIP sets itself apart by maintaining the quality and functionality of its parent brand while incorporating elements of streetwear and skate culture. Over the years, Carhartt WIP has collaborated with numerous brands and artists, such as A.P.C., Nike, and Stüssy, further solidifying its place in the streetwear and fashion scene.
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