Jil Sander

Jil Sander, a renowned German fashion house, was founded by its namesake, designer Jil Sander, in 1968 in Hamburg. Known for her minimalist aesthetic, Sander revolutionized the fashion industry with her focus on clean lines, tailored cuts, and quality materials, earning her the moniker "Queen of Less." Key products, such as the iconic Jil Bag and the brand's understated, yet luxurious, ready-to-wear collections, encapsulate this design ethos. A testament to its distinct vision, Jil Sander has had successful collaborations with brands like UNIQLO, showcasing minimalist design and affordable luxury, and Arc'teryx, demonstrating the brand's versatility across high fashion and performance gear. Today, Jil Sander remains synonymous with modern luxury and timeless elegance.
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