Acne Studios & Manhattan

Acne Studios & Manhattan - White/Navy - 1EZ173-
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    Acne Studios is a Stockholm-based luxury fashion house founded in 1996 by Jonny Johansson and three co-founders. Originally an acronym for "Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises," Acne Studios started as part of the creative collective ACNE, focusing on graphic design, film, production, and advertising, before branching out into fashion. The brand gained international recognition following the success of its initial product, a line of raw denim jeans with distinctive red stitching. Acne Studios is known for its minimalistic designs and contemporary aesthetic, blending Swedish functionality with French high fashion. The brand has collaborated with various artists and designers, such as Lanvin and Mulberry, and remains a staple in high-end streetwear and avant-garde fashion circles.
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